Veronica Maldonado, a Kilo Middle School seventh-grader, is May’s Scholar of the Month. According to her principal, she exemplifies leadership for her classmates. Photo courtesy of Federal Way Public Schools

Veronica Maldonado, a Kilo Middle School seventh-grader, is May’s Scholar of the Month. According to her principal, she exemplifies leadership for her classmates. Photo courtesy of Federal Way Public Schools

Federal Way seventh-grader is classroom leader

Veronica Maldonado is this month’s Scholar of the Month from Kilo Middle School.

Kilo Middle School seventh-grader Veronica Maldonado takes her success seriously.

“She does so with a positive attitude and joyful spirit,” said the school’s principal Margaret Peterson, who nominated Veronica as May’s Scholar of the Month.

In the classroom, Peterson said Veronica exemplifies a leader, with her actions speaking volumes alongside her quiet disposition.

“She positively influences her peers by example and pushes those around her to be the best students they can be,” she said.

When asked why being a leader is important, Veronica said: “You will be more successful in the future. As a leader, you can go to college and get good grades and get a great job.”

When Veronica grows up, she said she’d like to work in the medical field.

In the classroom, Veronica likes to help students with their math assignments.

“First, I show them the steps and see if they can do a different but similar problem on their own,” she said. “If they can’t, I help them through it.”

Veronica enjoys helping her fellow students through their struggles in class.

“Life isn’t only about yourself,” she said. “You have to think about everybody else around you. If others are struggling, the whole class, everybody goes through it too.”

Veronica’s principal said she is well-liked by her peers and asks key learning questions.

“[She] helps establish a stronger community by making sure she is doing her part and being a role model to other students in terms of academic success and behavior.”

Veronica thinks trying again is the only way to improve at something.

“If you mess up, you should always try again, no matter how many times you mess up.”

Veronica practices this at school on her tests. She said if she gets a question wrong on a test, she works through it again until she has the correct answer.

Veronica said the teachers who have helped her succeed the most are her math, English language arts and orchestra teachers. All of these teachers explain learning concepts well so Veronica is able to understand the lessons.

In orchestra, Veronica plays the cello.

“I love orchestra. It’s my favorite subject and I love being in the class,” she said. “I’m always staying after school to practice. It excites me and I look forward to it.”

Criteria to be a Scholar of the Month includes perfect attendance, GPA of 3.0 or better, and demonstration of positive and productive behaviors in schools.

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