Burien woman charged in Federal Way shooting

King County prosecutors recently charged a Burien woman for shooting at two women in the parking lot of Federal Way’s Castaway Tavern in February.

Ricki Bristol Sterzick, 23, is being held on a $200,000 bail for her second-degree assault charge.

Sterzick currently has three pending charges of driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license and operating a vehicle without an ignition interlock.

According to charging documents, two 21-year-old women were at the bar on Feb. 21 when a woman with a neck tattoo walked in. The women told police the woman, later identified as Sterzick, was acting disruptive, appeared like she was intoxicated, said she wanted to fight and that she had a gun.

At 12:30 a.m., the women got into a vehicle. The driver backed out of her parking stall and hit a Dodge Magnum, which was identified as Sterzick’s car, on her way out.

One of the women told police Sterzick followed them around the parking lot in her car with a small black and pink handgun. The victim stopped her car, but Sterzick’s car allegedly collided with hers, damaging her Magnum’s front bumper, the police report said. Police later found pieces of the bumper at the scene.

Through video surveillance, police then saw Sterzick drive to the north entrance of the parking lot, stop and fire her gun toward the women before fleeing the scene.

Court documents state the woman driving the other car said she thought she was going to die when she saw the gun pointed at her.

Police collected photos of the video, called stills, and distributed them to other law enforcement agencies. A SCORE jail sergeant, as well as one of the victims, identified Sterzick as the suspect.

After police arrested her at her Burien home on March 1, Sterzick agreed to be interviewed by police but did not allow the interview to be recorded. Then, she told officers she shot the gun because she was upset that her car was backed into but that she did not shoot it at anyone.

Sterzick has prior convictions of DUIs, operating a vehicle without an ignition interlock, loitering for prostitution, prostitution, third-degree theft, escaping and providing a false statement.