Non-respect of environment shows lack of heart, soul

If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of the TV show “COPS,” you know that dumb and/or dangerous people exist and that they have to be forced to behave. But we are born equal and live in a free country, so we shouldn’t be forced to do anything.

However, since people aren’t angels, laws are in place to prevent and stop crimes. We must drive according to the speed limit and pay our taxes because if we don’t, we will be forced to, or end up in jail.

But apart from the usual crimes we hear about in the news, people are not being punished for certain crimes because there are no strict laws stop them. Case in pointN not giving a damn about the environment.

Yes, this will be an article asking all of you to take better care of our environment, and if you’re tired of “greenies” like me, look at it this way: Does a child always listen the first time? Of course not. (If you don’t want to continue reading, I’m going to make a remark about Christians. And knowing Federal Way, y’all will become excited.)

It pains me to see people nonchalantly throw paper and cans into the garbage can, where their changes of being reincarnated into something new and environmentally friendly are lost forever. But some people just do not care.

Let’s examine those who desecrate the environment. Reasons for this blasphemy are ignorance and laziness. You see, it isn’t difficult, when looking at a trash can and a recycling bin that are juxtaposed, to use one’s brain and decide into which container the can should go.

I reside in an apartment complex that has a recycling system. There are two tall containers for cardboard boxes, paper and such, and another for bottles, cans, etc. But there are always recyclable materials in the garbage dump, or even worse, inappropriate items in the recycling bins. Do we really have to make everyone repeat kindergarten so that they can learn to tell the difference between different kinds of containers? Alas, people neglect to do the easiest things –– the simplest things that actually make a difference.

Recently, I went to Steel Lake. I saw happy children at play and blue skies. I also saw the dismally filthy state of the lake. The shallower waters exhibited candy wrappers and even a towel. Who the heck swims there? The park is free of charge for anyone who wants to have fun at the lake, yet people are exploiting it.

Everywhere that humans have gone, we have raped and destroyed the surroundings, endangering animals and disturbing ecosystems. We are the worse disease known to man. Will people ever learn? Why search for pristine environments when they will be trashed, anyway? Must we be charged a fee to enjoy Steel Lake so that the money can be used to get rid of trash and do something about the scum at the lake’s edge?

The United States will not always have enough land to put the garbage. Just as I wonder what oil countries in the Middle East will do when they run out of oil, the United States will one day be forced to face the damage humans have caused, and then, force will be used. Perhaps we will be under surveillance day and night to be fined and/or jailed for not recycling.

When there is a crisis, extreme situations are bound to be put into place. So why can’t we get our act together now, before we are forced to behave and before idiots start complaining about breaches of privacy when they committed the crimes?

Citizens of Federal Way, I know that many of you are conservative, churchgoing people. But if you claim to be Christian yet do not recycle and care for the environment, you are a hypocrite and will experience the wrath of God. You say that God created this beautiful world, in which we are to be fruitful and multiply, yet if you don’t care for it and don’t recycle, you are killing God’s creation. Instead of trying to convert people all the time, try showing your devotion to God first, okay?

Imagine all the Christians in Federal Way and the country caring for the environment. The sheer power that would be working to clean the environment would be astounding.

We need to start behaving before we are forced to. We are all born equal, but we do not die equal. Just as Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, is less human than someone who respects women, if you do not care for the environment –– the thing that keeps you alive –– how can you call yourself a real human being with a heart and soul?

Sovereigna Jun will graduate this year from Thomas Jefferson High School.

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