Thomas Jefferson math team takes first at state competition

  • Tue Apr 11th, 2017 9:17am
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Thomas Jefferson High School’s math team competed in the 24th annual Mu Alpha Theta Washington State Math Competition, March 18, placing first in the overall Sweepstakes award. Four scholars also ranked as

individual state champions. Abby Hyde ranked first in Theta Equations & Inequalities and

Theta Mental Math; Austin Kim took first place in Theta Logs/Exponents; Zach Botz placed first in Alpha Analytical Geometry; and Hakeem Shibly placed first in Chalk Talk.

Below is a complete list of individual TJHS scholar rankings:

Theta Division {Algebra 2)

Sarah Guest – 10th Theta Geometry

Jared Hoover – 4th Theta Logs/Exponents

Abby Hyde – 1st Theta Equations & Inequalities, 1st Theta Mental Math, 4th Theta Ciphering

Austin Kim – 1st Theta Logs/Exponents, 2nd Theta Speed Math, 3rd Open Matrices, 7th Theta Ciphering

Keila Kimura – 5th Theta Geometry

Aidan Narayana – 4th Theta Geometry

Jared Tran – 5th Open Matrices, 9th Theta Ciphering, 3rd Theta Logs/Exponents, 6th Theta Individual

Brandon Truong – 9th Theta Geometry

Angela You – 2nd Theta Ciphering, 2nd Theta Geometry, 9th Theta Individual

Shua Yu – 5th Theta Equations & Inequalities Alpha Division {Trigonometry)

Zach Botz – 1st Alpha Analytical Geometry, 3rd Alpha Speed Math, 7th Alpha Ciphering, 10th Open Areas & Volumes, 4th Alpha Individual

Jaskaran Deol – 7th Alpha Analytical Geometry

Andrew Tang – 6th Alpha Ciphering, 2nd Alpha Sequences & Series, 6th Alpha Individual

Amy Holden – 3rd Alpha Sequences & Series

Linz Kim – 9th Alpha Logs/Exponents, 9th Open Matrices

Nick Kim – 3rd Open Areas & Volumes

Martin Lim – 2nd Open Matrices, 7th Alpha Logs/Exponents

Andrew Monk – 10th Alpha Ciphering, 3rd Alpha Analytics Geometry, 3rd Alpha Mental Math

Julia Sheats – 4th Alpha Analytical Geometry

Hakeem Shibly – 1st Chalk Talk, 7th Alpha Sequences & Series

Skyler Yesiltepe – 5th Alpha Sequences & Series

Mu Division (Calculus)

Orgil Batzaya – 4th Mu Ciphering, 5th Mu BC Calculus, 3rd Mu Speed Math, 2nd Open Areas & Volumes

Sean Yi – 9th Mu Ciphering, 9th Mu AB Calculus, 10th Mu Individual

Ellie Kim – 10th Mu Ciphering, 3rd Mu Sequences & Series

Michelle Kim – 4th Mu Sequences & Series

Kory Byquist – 10th Mu Sequences & Series

Brian Kim – 4th Mu AB Calculus, 4th Mu Mental Math

Jae Lee – 9th Open Probability