Federal Way City Councilwoman, writer and avid diver Dini Duclos just published her second science fiction novel, called “Pele’s Fire,” which is a sequel to her first novel “Danger from 50 Feet,” although Duclos said it is not necessary for people to have read the first one to enjoy the second. JESSICA KELLER, the Mirror

Federal Way’s Dini Duclos publishes her second science fiction novel

  • Monday, September 18, 2017 8:11am
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A City Council member, a scuba diver and a novelist.

All of these things describe Federal Way resident Dini Duclos.

Duclos has published her second novel called “Pele’s Fire,” a science-fiction story set on the big island of Hawaii, near the city of Kona.

The novel begins with two high school seniors walking along a sea wall on the way home from school. They then notice a strange rock wedged between two larger rocks. Feeling a strange attachment to it, the girls pry it out.

This book is a follow-up from Duclos’ first novel “Danger from 50 Feet Below,” but she said people do not need to read the first book to understand the second.

Duclos said she took a vacation to Ocean Shores Hotel, and once there the owner of the hotel read her first book and told her she should write another one.

“The owner planted the seed and I could not get it out of my head,” She said.

Duclos wrote both novels, not for profit, but rather for enjoyment.

Duclos has explored the water in multiple different places around the world, and has included her travels in her first novel. In “Pele’s Fire,” however, she kept the setting in only Hawaii, a location Duclos said she has done over 300 scuba dive adventures.

“When I was younger I used to only snorkel, but one time when I saw snorkeling I saw people gliding 50-feet below me,” Duclos said. “That’s when I said to myself, ‘I have to learn how to do that.’ “

Duclos went on to become a master scuba diver, the highest non-professional skill level a person can attain.

“If I got any higher of a skill level than I would be responsible for saving people’s lives when scuba diving,” she said.

Duclos said this novel took her around three to four months to complete and is a very quick but enjoyable read.

She incorporates her experiences as a scuba diver into her fiction books, using her first-hand knowledge of the underwater world to her advantage as a writer.

“I like to read a lot of books, and I like sci-fi a lot,” Duclos said. “The first book was about many places I’ve dived at, but the second one is only based in Hawaii, a place I’ve scuba dived hundreds of times.”

“Pele’s Fire” will be available on kindle, and can be purchased online at www.archwaypublishing.com and by typing in her name or the title of her book in the search bar.

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