Federal Way High School ROTC drill teams advance to regionals

  • Wed Mar 15th, 2017 4:24pm
  • Life

On March 4, Federal Way High School’s ROTC drill teams competed in the Puget Sound Division Drill meet at Liberty high school. They netted three first places and two division championships, which is a first for the high school.


Color Guard Team One of Michelle DeMoss, Soleil Miyamoto, Cody Tyndall and Harry Steinmetz — First place and Puget Sound Division Champion

Color Guard Team Two of Antonio Arroyo, Grace Tangonan, Eian Raspa and Patricia Kimball — First place and Puget Sound Division Champion

Unarmed Drill Team, comprised of Patricia Arango-Lopez, Antonio Arroyo, Michael Cacho, Matthew Camat, Michelle DeMoss, Kevin Hafey, Patricia Kimball, Trent Lessard, Laurieanne Lafferty, Soleil Miyamoto, Eian Raspa, Harry Steinmetz, Grace Tangonan, Callistus Tiweyang, Cody Tyndall, Aleksander Tompkins and Raymond Westerlund — First place and third in the Puget Sound Division

Unarmed Drill Team Commander Michelle DeMoss — Second place

Dual Armed Exhibition Drill of Callistus Tiweyang and Cody Tyndall — Second place

Dual Unarmed Exhibition Drill of Patricia Arango-Lopez and Grace Tangonan — Third place

All advance to the regional championship at Rogers High School, Saturday.