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Viewpoints on homelessness in Federal Way

Federal Way’s dollars should be spent on efforts to heal the problem, not to invite homeless souls, county wide, to move here.

The last issue of the Mirror contained three pieces that really made me do a happy dance.

One, the mayor’s meeting with clergy in this city andtheir great response to the homeless crisis in very bad weather.

Two, Keith Livingston’s op-ed regarding his view of our city’s homeless problem and a city’s responsibility toward that end. I’ve always enjoyed his view for this city and this one was spot on as usual. It is not in any city’s best interest to accomodate a drug crisis by catering to the users. Federal Way’s dollars should be spent on efforts to heal the problem, not to invite homeless souls, county wide, to move here because now we will also offer housing to our list of freebies. No, no, no! Please spend our tax dollars for treatment, not goodies. Many cities give arestees (they all get arrested for theft eventually) a choice — treatment or incarceration. In fact, treatment is offered right in their jail facilities in some cities.

We can all feel sorry for drug users until the cows come home. But, unless they chose to get well, nothing will change and we will continue to carry them forever.

And three, Bob Roegner’s column was not all about his dislike of Federal Way’s mayor. Hooray! He chose to write about something else for a change.

How many readers, (including Roegner and Susan Honda) have watched KOMO’s production “Seattle is Dying”? If you have not seen it, it is worth watching. In my opinion, Seattle is testimony to how “bleeding hearts” can, with the best of intentions, hinder a situation rather than aid it. In the drug world it’s called “enabling” and the bleeding hearts are “co-dependents.” Let’s not go down the Mayor Durkan road as Seattle has.

Sheryl Nevers

Federal Way

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