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Town hall sham

The event had an agenda already planned well in advance, to limit the time the people would have to express themselves.

I recently broke up my weekend to attend what should have been a very important time for the citizens to voice their feelings to our elected officials. Town hall meetings are supposed to be just that. The event that I witnessed had an agenda already planned well in advance, to limit the time the people would have to express themselves. First, the meeting got underway 15 minutes late, followed by presentations from our three elected officials. They spoke about the tireless hours they are expending on our behalf. Not once was there a mention about the main reason the hall was packed to capacity.

After hearing them pat themselves on the back, the moderator proceeded to read the questions that were submitted. The meeting was to begin promptly at 2 p.m. and conclude no later than 4 p.m.. At 3:25 p.m. after listening to questions, (that had nothing to do with the glaring issue at hand), a pastor in the audience finally spoke up from the audience and insisted that our voices be heard!

“Is anyone here to speak about Senate Bill 5395?” The question was followed by applause from the majority of citizens present.

Much to the dismay of Sen. Wilson! The issue? SB 5395 comprehensive sexuality education. Under pressure, the moderator asked people to line up and make short statements without any response from our legislators. This is an extremely serious issue and it must be voted down.

Please don’t let us down in the House of Representatives! Vote no on SB 5395.

Kevin Morris

Federal Way

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