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There is a Santa Claus

His real name is Roger Flygare.

Recently I was involved in a perplexing situation that came as a result of missing the payment of the first half installment of my 2018 property taxes. Now I have resided and owned property in three different counties in my lifetime, which translates into paying taxes and never have I missed the deadline to pay tax money to that county.

However, I attribute my oversight to having lost my wife of nearly 60 years in 2017, and then losing my oldest daughter in February 2018. This placed an unexpected burden on my disposition and I overlooked the first half payment of April 30. Worse yet, the error was not discovered until October when I went to pay the second half taxes. I immediately made the payment for the entire years’ taxes, in full, accompanied by a letter explaining how this had occurred.

Within a few weeks, my check was returned, uncashed, along with a letter from the treasurer’s office, offering condolences, but with the requirement for full payment of taxes, plus penalties for late payment and interest. Sensing that something seemed unfair, I visited my neighbor and friend, Roger Flygare, who reviewed the situation and then contacted the office of the ombudsman, to discuss possibilities for a more sensible solution. All my paperwork was then turned over to the ombudsman, who reviewed it and agreed that something more acceptable should’ve happened. The case moved to the treasury for a second opinion and a short time later, the county reconsidered and returned the penalties and interest, as well as a reduction in my 2018 taxes, as amended by my senior discount request.

Just to show that people do help people. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and his real name is Roger Flygare.

Jim Blokzyl

Federal Way

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