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Rep. Reeves, please leave my paycheck alone

Nowhere in Reeves’s “historic package” did I see how she intends to pay for it.

Rep. Kristine Reeves recently announced a historic child care bill. She claims the sweeping legislation would provide all families with high quality affordable childcare by 2025.

Nowhere in Reeves’s “historic package” did I see how she intends to pay for it.

Whatever happened to personal accountability? If you choose to have children then you need take responsibility and plan accordingly. I never received freebies or handouts when my kids were in daycare. We made sacrifices and worked extra hours. Now we struggle to figure out how to pay for their upcoming college tuition.

Rep. Reeves, please leave my paycheck alone. I can no longer afford to help other people raise their children. My property taxes are record high, sales tax is near 10 percent and my car tabs are now $450. Starting this month I now have a new deduction from each paycheck for the Washington Family Leave Act. So I can help pay for people to take a 12-week paid vacation when they have a child.

ENOUGH! I need every remaining penny in my paycheck to take care of my own family.

Brian Adams

Federal Way

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