Noble-Gulliford will bring reality, reason to council | Letter

If you are like most people, you are probably thinking about vacationing and warm weather, not about the upcoming primary election.

Yet, ready or not, here it comes. What do we need on our Federal Way City Council? Do we need enthusiasm, youth, diversity? Do we need someone who contributes a depth of knowledge on a specific subject? What I think we need are people with less complacency and more curiosity.

It isn’t enough to be friendly, compassionate and approachable. All are nice qualities, but in such serious times it’s the paucity of courage that concerns me.

Every council member’s job should be to challenge information; to think and question independently. When reports are given, tough questions should be asked.

Does anyone say “why?” or “say’s who?” Pretty much they simply look for something to agree with, and, let’s be honest, they let the rest slide.

I highly recommend Diana Noble-Gulliford for Federal Way City Council Position 4. Diana is a former council member whose best friends are reality and reason.

She is the indispensable council member because she will do the homework, the research and the follow up. She will take the time because she cares deeply for the people of Federal Way. Federal Way has been home for Diana and her family for her adult life.

The Federal Way Community Council, before cityhood, had Diana working on land use and the budget. She obtained $30,000 from Sen. Warren Magnuson’s office for the Incorporation Committee’s Environmental Impact Statement. Her experience includes King County Boundary Review, working with municipal annexations, plus fire, water and sewer districts, a total of 11 years on planning commissions, and land-use policies. Thirteen years with the Historical Society keynotes her respect for preserving our heritage and her love of our community.

Diana has the perfect background for understanding the city right now. Knowing our roots gives Diana the the ability to see what’s coming.

The primary election is Aug. 1. The ballots will arrive at your homes about July 13. Your primary vote holds a lot of clout because of turnout.

When the results are in, we can be very confident in our vote for Diana Noble-Gulliford for City Council Position 4. Then it’s on to the race for the general.

Place your trust in Diana, reality and reason.

Maureen Bernardy, Federal Way

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