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Need Kochmar’s leadership back

Vote for Linda Kochmar if you agree with us - no new taxes.

I say, “No new taxes!” as does former state Rep. Linda Kochmar!

We need her leadership back in Olympia to stand up for us and our wallets. Our current Rep. Mike Pellicciotti told me in person that he doesn’t support raising taxes, yet he has told others he supports the governor’s carbon tax and the I-1631 initiative. Really? Guess what neighbors? I-1631 is a new tax (vote no on I-1631). So what would be the impact of these carefully disguised state taxes on my household?

(I-1631) Carbon tax equals 16 percent, plus adds $10.45 per month onto my utility bill.

(I-1631) Carbon tax equals 0.43 increase per gallon of gasoline, adds $7.74 per fill up for me, add $12.90 per fill up for my husband and that equals plus $50.91 per month more on gasoline.

A state income tax equals 13 percent plus or $13,000 more taxes to pay per year – a state income tax will happen with a Democrat majority in Olympia.You can count on it.

So how much will it cost you? I challenge you to input your own numbers with the percentages and find out for yourself just how much not voting for Linda will cost you. Vote for Linda Kochmar if you agree with us – no new taxes.

Debbie Sabin

Federal Way

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