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Mr. Mayor, do gunshots, car chases and sirens wake you up at night?

I am embarrassed to call the city of Federal Way home.

Mr. Mayor,

Do you see the tents, trash and shopping carts that fill our once beautiful stands of trees and greenery? Do you shop in our stores and see the shoplifting right out in the open? Do you pass through the stench of filthy people on corners and in parking lots demanding money?

Has your son seen people defecating/urinating/shooting up in our public places? Do you take your son to our parks and scour the area for needles or people in tents before he can play? Has your wife been terrified because someone followed her to her car while telling her to give them money? Does your wife refuse to go grocery shopping alone out of fear for her safety?

Do gunshots, car chases or the sound of sirens wake you up during the night? Are you afraid to open your doors and windows to let the spring air in because you fear someone entering your home? Are you afraid to leave your home after dark?

I am embarrassed to call the city of Federal Way home.

Do you walk our walk Mr. Mayor?

Kathleen Bailey

Federal Way

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