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Really, Mr. Federal Way?

Most of the time you’re right on track, but encouraging this nit-picking of the mayor is just downright petty and makes it seem like you’ve got nothing better to do. I don’t have a bias either way about the mayor. He’s done some good things, and he’s had a few doozies, but taking issue with Ferrell using his city-issued car to take his son to and from school? Is he doing it here in Federal Way? If so, people really just need to relax. Grumbling over 1,100 “non-official” miles just smacks of someone with too much time. If the mayor was taking the vehicle on vacation to eastern Washington and racking up thousands of miles outside of the city, I’d be a little more concerned. As a taxpayer, I think the mayor should be as visible as possible around the city. Do you think Jim really punches in at 8 a.m. and punches out at 5 p.m.? I doubt it. I’d be more concerned if the mayor was running back and forth, switching cars and wasting time. And you know what? I find it rather refreshing to hear about a dad taking his child to school. So let’s find something a little less petty, OK?

Renee Maher, Federal Way

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