Miloscia’s ‘skating senator’ energy represents district best

Also, thank Mark for his experienced energy in passing the McCleary fix.

How many senators do you know that in-line skate five city parade routes, waving his sign, greeting us and shaking our hands along the way? Our state Sen. Mark Miloscia does. His energy and momentum represents our 30th District best!

Do you like Federal Way’s recent utility tax passed by council? Sen. Miloscia will be introducing state legislation to require a vote of the people before cities and tax districts impose new, and harmful, taxes on our families. Thank you, Mark!

Did you know Mark led the effort to help families with children in college by cutting college tuition for the first time in state history?

Also, thank Mark for his experienced energy in passing the McCleary fix and fully funding basic education, as a senator, a father of three Federal Way Public Schools graduates and an educator in both Federal Way and Auburn school districts. (Under Claire Wilson’s school board leadership our district test scores are reported 14-17 percentage points behind the states average, dropping even more this last year.)

Thank you Mark, fighting for pay equity, paid family leave and ensuring strong protection for families of domestic violence and for your countless hours working with community groups and donors, offering needed help to vulnerable lives.

Vote for our “Skating Senator” Mark Miloscia’s proven energy! He listens and works well across party lines, to improve schools, to cut government waste and increase accountability while finding effective, measurable solutions for both labor and business, uniting communities and helping our most vulnerable. His proven energy best represents our district.

Debbie Sabin

Federal Way

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