Miloscia is only candidate who sticks to the facts

Miloscia tackles every problem facing the Legislature by using metrics and evidence-based solutions.

I just received another attack ad from Claire Wilson in my mailbox. It featured Keith Livingston’s most recent opinion column in the Federal Way Mirror, which bashed Sen. Mark Miloscia for the amount of third-party money used to target his opponent. He didn’t bother to mention that Claire Wilson is also the beneficiary of nearly the same amount of “dark money” on her behalf.

That’s what I call a double standard.

If we follow her money, we find that the third-party expenditures spent on behalf of Claire Wilson attacking Sen. Mark Miloscia come from the Kennedy Fund and the Harry Truman Fund, both of which were labeled by the Seattle Times as the new version of Democrat dark money in 2016.

When all is said and done, I know Sen. Mark Miloscia is committed to not raising taxes. Unlike his opponent, he has promised to lower them. He tackles every problem facing the Legislature by using metrics and evidence-based solutions, not emotions. Party and special interests don’t influence him like Claire’s negative mailers claim. The Seattle Times endorsed him because he stood up to both parties when they proposed measures blocking legislative records from public view. If Mr. Livingston says, “truth is truth and truth is fact-based,” then the choice is clear. Do yourselves a favor and vote for Mark Miloscia on Nov. 6 because he is the only candidate in this race who sticks to the facts.

Richard Conant

Federal Way

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