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Mark Greene should represent district in Olympia

Greene is quite intelligent, with his ideas well thought out.

We are officially in the “silly season” of the 2018 midterm general election, and we are being bombarded with negative ads, hurling taunts like petulant children: “Don’t vote for my opponent because he doesn’t like puppies!”

Rebutted with, “Well, my opponent doesn’t like your kids, or your grandparents!” Followed with the standard, “My opponent doesn’t like you … whoever you are.” That’s an exaggeration, of course, but I want someone to vote for, not against!

Being a responsible voter, I researched the candidates. I found a good, and honorable man running for state representative, Position 2, in the 30th District, by the name of Mark Greene. He refuses to run a negative campaign. He’s running on the issues – imagine that. I also visited his website, “Party of Commons,” and read his blog. I found him to be quite intelligent, with his ideas well thought out. He’s the kind of person who should represent us in Olympia.

Mark Greene is also a former U.S. Marine who served in the Corps honorably during the Vietnam era. Semper Fi Mark Greene, you have my vote.

Ken Pearson


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