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Kochmar has impressive record

Linda has wisdom and experiential intelligence in all aspects of municipal government.

I am writing to you about Linda Kochmar, a candidate running for City Council Position 7.

Linda has an impressive record of service to Federal Way and the 30th District. In this current culture there is a tendency to discount people of experience and background. This is very disturbing to me, as Linda has wisdom and experiential intelligence in all aspects of municipal government, way beyond any of the candidates running for any position on the council. Linda is a youthful thinker and action-oriented business woman. Linda’s job for many years has been as a certified risk manager. Do you think we need that? Yes!

She has vast experience as an elected official with many years of service. She has been awarded many distinctions of service and achievement. And she has worked in the Federal Way community and South King County serving on numerous committees and boards.

You can go to her website to see all her credentials at

As you will see, Linda has great qualifications and vast experience serving her community and state. Please vote for Linda Kochmar, as she really is the best candidate for the job. I encourage you to vote now so that she can work for all of us here in Federal Way to help find good solutions for crime, homelessness and job growth.

Carol L. Stanley

Federal Way

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