Frightening incident in a Federal Way parking lot

I am a 78-year-old woman who, on April 25, went out to dinner with 18 of my friends. After dinner my husband told me to wait while he brought our car around. I watched people go in and out of the restaurant and noticed a man with a “stove pipe” haircut and a heavy black beard enter the facility.

I decided to move into the parking lot and wait for my husband. I got to the second to last car (blue) when behind me I heard shouting of “Get down, run, hide, he has a gun.” It was the man with the stove pipe haircut and he was waving a gun in the air around the parking lot.

I began to look for someplace to hide. There was none. Then I noticed the last car (black) had its back door behind the driver open. I contemplated jumping in, but at that time, his two passengers climbed into the car on the other side and the driver gunned the car. He hit me with the open door and knocked me to the ground and hit the rear of my car in which my husband had just arrived.

My husband got out of our car and helped me up. While this was happening, I saw the driver of the car reach under the front seat and retrieve his gun, which he stuck in his waist band.

My husband climbed into our car and said “I’ll move our car and then get his insurance information.” I said “he hit me with his car and he has a gun.” Husband thought I was talking about the first gun. He backed our car up and the black car gunned it out of the parking lot.

Meanwhile the first gunman jumped over the wall and into his car and also sped away. His car was backed in, so none of the cameras got his license plate number, and in the hysteria we did not get the black car’s number.

My hand was broken and my ribs bruised. I have had surgery to put a plate and screws in my hand. It will be six more weeks before I will get the full use of my hand, if I ever do.

Now for my plea: if you know anything about this incident and anyone involved, please contact the Federal Way police.

Thanks and God bless.

Sarah Baer,

Federal Way

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