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Federal Way should take bold step to help homeless

Let’s purchase a decent size building that could serve as a facility to meet all of their needs.

I believe it’s time for the city of Federal Way to be bold concerning our homeless issue.

Let’s purchase a decent size building that could serve as a facility to meet all the needs of the unfortunate few among us. This facility could have showers, sleeping areas, food, clothing, medical, social services, child care, job training and job placement. All the churches in the Federal Way area could be involved.

Ask our local professionals to donate a few hours a week to donate their services, whether it be medical, legal or social. There are two such buildings I think would be ideal. The first being the old Target store next to the Performing Arts and Event Center. This would be perfect because of the location to mass transit. However, the proximity to the event center probably makes this a nonstarter. The fact the city owns the building would make it much cheaper.

The second building that comes to mind is the former Pac West building on First Avenue. This has been sitting for years without any sign of opening for business. I’m sure it would require the city to purchase it, but it has all kinds of room to turn it into a facility that could house, and help all of our city’s homeless who want and need help to get back to becoming successful taxpaying citizens.

A joint effort of all concerned, city, county, state, federal, along with volunteer help, from the entire community, it could happen. I’m sure there will be a lot of NIMBY blowback, however, being bold and doing it now is what’s needed.

Timothy Bailey


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