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Federal Way Public Schools standards based achievement scores

There is a tremendous way to improve Standards Based Achievement (SBA) scores but it requires some effort at home with parents.

In follow-up to Mr. Comito’s letter, I would like to backstop his comments with an observation I made while performing as a mentor for Federal Way Public Schools.

During the course of my participation, it was obvious, as Mr. Charlie Hoff has pointed out many times, public education seems to begin and stop at the entryway of schools. There is a tremendous way to improve Standards Based Achievement (SBA) scores but it requires some effort at home with parents helping where their children are falling short.

Yes, I would say you have very valid questions, Mr. Comito, but will answers to your questions be forthcoming? It takes some time to develop the outcomes in a manner that can be published for all the schools in Federal Way. I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

What is interesting is the Legislature just upped our property taxes for levy lid lifts from 1.5 dollars per thousand to 2.5 dollars per thousand. Will those additional funds have an impact on SBA scores since levies are “supposed” to be used in a manner other than funding teacher salaries and the operations of schools?

Levies are put in front of the voting public for construction-related purposes, rebuilding schools, buying property, et cetera, those types of issues.

We, as residents of FWPS, just authorized one of the largest levies in the school district’s history. This might not impact us immediately but if left in place it will down the road.

Make no mistake, I am very pro education. I would like to see all graduates of high school move onto the next phase of their education, be it a degree leading to a profession or one that takes someone into a trade.

Roger Flygare

Federal Way

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