Does Mirror columnist need a hug or a dream journal?

I believe that we are moving toward a more promising future in Federal Way, and as Mayor Jim Ferrell has been charting this course, he seems to be met with a repetitive theme or indication from the Mirror’s paid political columnist Bob Roegner of not working hard enough.

I know Mr. Roegner and have found him to be personally charming, polite and gracious. In person, he is not only pleasant and cordial, but knowledgeable about local, state and government practices. He served three terms as the mayor of Auburn, and writes weekly columns in our local paper with the intention to give readers insight and information on local and broader politics.

Mayor Ferrell is a strong leader who uses logic examining where we have been, and where we are going in the city, and he is always open to feedback. We can expect some level of uncertainty to erupt in city government, and I’ve witnessed the mayor remain flexible and adaptable during these times. While waters may become turbulent, the journey remains the same and strength in leadership is what we expect.

Where purposeful actions were taken in the case of closing City Hall for the 2018 State of the City Address, I felt the mayor should have been highly commended for going to this effort to ensure that city employees were able to attend. This is just one example of an action that the mayor has taken that our debonair political columnist has chosen to criticize him for. Recent articles have been filled with instilling worry and fear into the public where real challenges are being faced.

I’m not sure if Mr. Roegner needs a hug, or if he needs a dream journal to help calm down his anxieties? I would encourage him to remain analytical and impartial. Instilling worry and despair can cause harm, and has the appearance of being biased. Let’s not lose sight of a job well done. We look forward to reading about the positive things going on in the city, the people working to make that happen, and accurate rational reporting.

Sharry Edwards

Federal Way

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