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Child luring story sugar coated

Why is this story being spun and sugar coated in the media? Call it exactly what it is. A criminal illegal alien living in our community assaulted a child. Thank God this did not turn out much worse.

He had several previous deportations and served time in prison. He should have never been here.

Why are we not holding our local elected officials accountable for aiding and abetting these criminals? Passing sanctuary laws and forbidding the police from making arrests is obstruction of justice and puts us in danger.

The liberals want to quickly label any resistance to sanctuary laws as racism and bigotry. It has nothing to do with either. It is about the safety and security of our communities. Anyone who has committed a crime and been deported should never be allowed back in this country. There should not be laws that encourage their return and provide sanctuary. How many more victims before citizens have to take the law into their own hands? Under the current policies we cannot count on law enforcement to provide protection from these individuals.

Brian Adams

Federal Way

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