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Bullying mob takes over town hall

At the recent town hall meeting, I was appalled by the large group taking over a public meeting with their personal agenda.

At the recent town hall meeting, I was appalled by the large group taking over a public meeting with their personal agenda. They were a well-organized mob. They yelled, accused and were incredibly rude to our representatives. The late start was to accommodate their many people.

Did they understand process? Had they met with representatives to voice their concerns or go to the school district? Did they attend hearings in Olympia? Had they ever gone to a town hall meeting before? We all have those rights.

There were issues the public wanted to ask about. Our opportunity was taken away by this bullying mob. Religion does not give them any more right to their voice than other citizens. We did not come here to listen to them read the Bible; if they don’t want sex education, then opt out.

The public had rights to go to a respectful meeting with general information about our community. Never in all the years of attending public meetings have I seen such a display of rudeness.

What they did accomplish was to show us and their many children how to be disruptive, rude, disrespectful and a have a lack of concern about the rights of other citizens. Will this become a “norm?” They should not expect the needs of a few to be more important than the needs of many.

SE Petersen

Federal Way

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