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Allowing pot shops in Federal Way will not improve quality of life

The Federal Way City Council wants more revenues, but let’s not put our kids at risk in the process.

Margery and I recently volunteered to help defeat Proposition 1 in Federal Way. If passed on election day Nov. 5, Prop 1 would allow pot shops in Federal Way despite a public vote taken here four years ago that rejected the idea by over 60% of the vote. We do not currently have pot shops here and we can see no good reason to allow them. The way we see it, our youth are too precious to put at greater risk by making marijuana products more visible and more accessible in Federal Way.

This is no small matter. Today’s marijuana is not like the pot of the sixties. It’s six or seven times more powerful and can have serious side effects, including psychosis. Recent news brings home the severe dangers of vaping – rampant among our youth – opioid deaths, deadly fentanyl, and other drug overdoses admitted into our local hospitals. These are serious matters affecting our entire community, particularly our youth.

The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that marijuana interferes with memory, concentration, learning and brain development, lowers the odds of completing high school and can even cause psychosis and schizophrenia. A New Zealand scientific study conducted over decades documented that regular use of marijuana by youth reduced their IQ (Intelligence Quotient) by an average of 8 points – permanently! This will not help our youth compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Margery and I have lived in Federal Way for over 40 years. We raised our kids here, we love it here. When Mayor Jim Ferrell said he wanted to “shine Federal Way up like a new penny,” we believed him and we can see some important improvements. Sure the Federal Way City Council wants more revenues, nothing new about that. But let’s not put our kids at risk in the process. Allowing pot shops here will do nothing to improve our quality of life in this very family-friendly community.

Those who need marijuana for medical reasons can obtain it from adjoining communities like Fife, Auburn and Des Moines. Of course CBD (oil) that does not contain THC can be readily obtained online or at local select stores.

Please join Margery and I in rejecting Prop 1. It is a bad idea and the potential risks far outweigh any potential benefits.

Pat and Margery Godfrey

Federal Way

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