Geeks@Site part-time technician Aris Holcomb works to replace a broken computer motherboard with another at the business, 402 S. 333rd St., Suite B38, in The Agency Center Building. Co-owners Chris and Alice Stevenson, who are also husband and wife, opened the business six years ago.

Federal Way-based Geeks@Site focuses on computer repair, good customer service

On any given day, Geeks@Site co-owner and computer technician Chris Stevenson could be wiping malware off a computer at someone’s home, while part-time technician Aris Holcomb swaps out a hard drive with another in the work room and co-owner Alice Stevenson speaks with a customer up front.

The goal, Chris Stevenson said, is to solve people’s technology problems, whatever they may be, by offering a broad-range of services.

“I’m kind of like ‘Pawn Stars,’ ” he said. “I don’t know what is going to come through that door.”

That door has been frequently used by area residents since Geeks@Site opened six years ago.

“We started at the height of the recession, which is a lovely time to start a business,” Alice Stevenson, who is married to Chris, said.

Despite the challenging economic climate at the time, the Stevenson’s have established a firm toe-hold in the community, thanks in part to their ability to accommodate so many customers’ needs.

Alice Stevenson said most of Geeks@Site’s business comes from repairing broken computers, but that is only a portion of what the technicians do. The business is also licensed through Microsoft to refurbish and resell computers. The technicians also work on tablets and phones, too, and frequently replace cracked screens.

While the technicians usually have eight to 10 jobs to work on in the office, Alice Stevenson said, they do off-site calls, too.

“We also go out to people’s offices and fix their things on site,” she said, adding her husband contracts with small businesses to provide IT services and repair work in the area.

Chris Stevenson said a couple of things set Geeks@site apart from other businesses of its kind.

“I have a quick turnaround time [for fixes], and I will do everything in my power to protect your data,” he said.

Because Chris Stevenson is a veteran, Geeks@Site also offers a 5 percent discount to active or retired members of the military. If someone is being deployed within a few days of a computer, tablet or phone being taken in, Stevenson said he will do a rush job and waive the extra fee, so the service member has it ready when he or she leaves. The business also offers a 5 percent discount to first responders, such as police officers, medics and firefighters.

Stevenson said customers can also count on the work being done at Geeks@Site. He has an A+ certification from the Computing Technology Industry Association, a non-profit trade association comprised of more than 8,000 IT businesses in the country.

“It’s basically a quality assurance that your technicians know what they’re doing,” he said.

Chris Stevenson said he is able to fix or solve computer problems 99 percent of the time, but what makes the business successful is how the technicians work with customers. He said most people come to the business with some rudimentary understanding of how computers are fixed. A good technician, however, is able to explain to people how computers perform the tasks that they do and explain why and how things work or don’t work.

“The technical end of it is easy. It’s called Google,” Chris Stevenson said. “What makes a good technician is good customer service. You have to have the customer service part. You have to be able to explain technology simply enough so a 2-year-old can understand it.”

Geeks@Site is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment by calling 253-217-4832. The business is located at 402 S. 333rd St., Suite B38, in The Agency Center Building.