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Home renovations: Foresight protects your investment

According to the National Association of Home Builders, 41 percent of homeowners decided to undergo home renovations to increase their home’s value. Remodeling projects of… Continue reading


Homeownership: Still a solid investment in Puget Sound

The financial markets right now are having a direct impact on the real estate market.There’s the takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the "bailout… Continue reading


Housing markets receive a much-needed boost from Congress | Column

Homeownership moved a giant step forward as the U.S Senate recently passed the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.


Home warranties bring peace of mind

Home repairs can be expensive and, thanks to Murphy’s Law, appliance breakdowns seem to happen at the worst possible time — like when you are selling your home.

Builders keep baby boomers in mind | Lori DeVore

The baby boomer generation, whose members are now between ages 38 and 56, comprises almost one-third of the nation’s population.

Homeownership delivers financial gains and social advantages

Homeownership has benefits that are great in number. Of course, there are the financial benefits of building equity and developing an economic foundation for your family’s future. Then there are the personal riches that come with owning a home, including those that fuel a healthier family and community. It is these intangible benefits that people often forget about when one buys or owns a home, but they are certainly worth considering. The National Association of Realtors authored a report titled “The Social Benefits of Homeownership and Stable Housing,” which discussed evidence regarding the personal gains that come with homeownership.

More U.S. builders ‘go green’ | Commentary

According to a recent survey of consumers by a national building trade organization, almost 80 percent of the respondents listed environmentally friendly features as a concern when building or purchasing a home.