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Why are so many people running to become Washington's next lieutenant governor?

Coalition aims to set up debates in governor, Senate races | The Petri Dish

If you've never tried to pull off a debate, it's hard to appreciate the degree of difficulty involved in such a feat.

Fines are mounting against the state for not having a plan to ensure public schools are adequately funded.

Verbal fisticuffs erupt over how to deal with climate change | The Petri Dish

A not-so-funny thing happened on the long march to save Washington from the damaging undulations of climate change.

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There’s nothing quite like the threat of a government shutdown July 1 to infuse urgency into negotiations on a new state budget.

Lawmakers still wrestle with education funding | The Petri Dish

Eight lawmakers entrusted with drafting a school funding plan in line with the tenets of the state constitution and dictates of the Supreme Court won’t complete their task this year.

Governor, lawmakers meet to discuss budget | The Petri Dish

There was no pomp or ceremony on Thursday when Gov. Jay Inslee sat down with the Democrat and Republican leaders of the House and Senate to talk budget.

Public schools bear burden of underfunding, perception of failing

Public schools are not just underfunded by the state as Washington’s Supreme Court has made abundantly clear.

State lawmakers are up for a raise in the next two years.

Gains, losses during never-ending session | The Petri Dish

The session that would never end is still not over.

Try as it might, Washington just can’t get this charter school thing down right.

When the state’s duly elected auditor disappears while in office does anyone notice beyond the shadow of the Capitol dome?

No one but Troy Xavier Kelley knows how long he will be the state auditor of Washington.

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The financial stakes of the state’s new marijuana industry are no longer theoretical.

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Nothing like a few days away from the office to get one’s spirit rejuvenated and energy recharged.

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With the start of another year comes the promise of another session of the state Legislature and the prospect — no, make that a guarantee — of more laws.