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City leaders must take responsibility for arts center | Roegner

Last week, Federal Way Mayor Skip Priest unveiled his plan for downtown. It included a performing arts and conference center (PACC) at the former Toys-R-Us site, along with a park, open space, private retail and residential development at the old AMC Theatres location.

Outstanding politician and other awards for 2014 | Inside Politics

The “Artful Dodger” award goes to Mark Miloscia for successfully switching to the Republican party after 14 years as a Democrat office holder,

Political alliances shake up race for council pos. 2 | Roegner

The headliner this year is the race for Federal Way mayor, but the best of the undercard may be the battle between appointed incumbent Kelly Maloney and second-time candidate Mark Koppang for city council position 2.

Guess who’s running for mayor? | Bob Roegner

Each election season brings twists, turns and surprises.In the whole scheme of who will run for Federal Way's mayor or who won’t, this may seem… Continue reading

2015 political award winners in Federal Way | Inside Politics

There weren’t many contenders for this award, but the award for “Most Candid Comment” by a candidate for president goes to United States Sen. Lindsey Graham, from South Carolina.

The other mayor race in Federal Way | Bob Roegner

The race to become Federal Way’s first full-time separately elected mayor is at its genesis.Because the city council appears to be leaning toward an August-November… Continue reading

All quiet on Federal Way’s election front | Bob Roegner

The election season is heating up everywhere but Federal Way.

Hold on to your seats.

South King Fire’s elementary school parody | Inside Politics

“He was looking at me,” said the sixth grader to the teacher recently. While childish, those words are pretty close to one of the complaints contained in South King Fire and Rescue (SKFR)

Risk vs. reward: Where does city stand on PACC? | Roegner

Against the backdrop of an election year and what to do about the performing arts and conference center (PACC), the Federal Way City Council and mayor held their annual retreat.

State politics: Who will control the big three? | Bob Roegner

Control of the big three — the governor’s office, the State Senate, and the State House of Representatives — is up for grabs in November.

Charter amendments flirt with controversy

The citizen-based King County Charter Review Commission under the co-leadership of former county council member Lois North, a Republican, and former Gov. Mike Lowry, a Democrat, referred 10 amendments to the King County Council for review — and recommended that they be forwarded to the voters.

2016: Let the back alley knife fight begin | Inside Politics

This year is the warm-up act for 2016, which will be a significant year in politics.

Top newsmakers to watch for this year | Inside Politics

The top political stories of 2014 were: Council passage of the Performing Arts and Conference Center; state Rep. Roger Freeman’s passing;

Election analysis: Economy will guide voters

Wow! What a dynamic and fast-changing political landscape we came through. Remember it because it’s historical.

Frustration, change and Democrats | Roegner

According to voters, the local election theme for 2013 turned out to be “frustration, change and Democrats.”

Downtown Federal Way: What might have been | Bob Roegner

The recent Federal Way City Council discussions on a performing arts center have caused many in the community to ponder what might have been.Residents see… Continue reading

Q&A: Views on Weyerhaeuser, PACC, mayor and more | Inside Politics

I frequently get asked questions about the columns I write. Since other readers might have the same questions, here are a few along with my answers.

Local elections to watch in 2011 | Bob Roegner

If you thought politics was fun last year, you are going to have a bit of a letdown this year. However, not to worry: 2012 will more than make up for it.

More to Doherty’s departure behind the scenes | Inside Politics

Several weeks ago Mayor Jim Ferrell announced that Patrick Doherty would no longer head the Community Development department at City Hall and that he would be working from home for an indeterminate period.