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Top newsmakers to watch for this year | Inside Politics

The top political stories of 2014 were: Council passage of the Performing Arts and Conference Center; state Rep. Roger Freeman’s passing;

Election analysis: Economy will guide voters

Wow! What a dynamic and fast-changing political landscape we came through. Remember it because it’s historical.

Frustration, change and Democrats | Roegner

According to voters, the local election theme for 2013 turned out to be “frustration, change and Democrats.”

Downtown Federal Way: What might have been | Bob Roegner

The recent Federal Way City Council discussions on a performing arts center have caused many in the community to ponder what might have been.Residents see… Continue reading

Q&A: Views on Weyerhaeuser, PACC, mayor and more | Inside Politics

I frequently get asked questions about the columns I write. Since other readers might have the same questions, here are a few along with my answers.

Local elections to watch in 2011 | Bob Roegner

If you thought politics was fun last year, you are going to have a bit of a letdown this year. However, not to worry: 2012 will more than make up for it.

More to Doherty’s departure behind the scenes | Inside Politics

Several weeks ago Mayor Jim Ferrell announced that Patrick Doherty would no longer head the Community Development department at City Hall and that he would be working from home for an indeterminate period.

Federal Way mayor, county executive share health center win | Inside Politics

Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell, King County Executive Dow Constantine and King County Councilman Pete von Reichbauer

Race for elections director: Huff has the edge

“What in the world is this ballot for? And who are these people?”A friend asked me these two questions last week. So, I told him:… Continue reading

Process to fill 30th District seat was game of charades | Inside Politics

The only people who enjoyed the process to fill the legislative vacancy created by Roger Freeman’s passing might be chess players,

Political jargon 101 | Bob Roegner

With the Legislature back in session and Congress in its typical disagreeable mood, I thought it might be helpful to review political terms you may be hearing.

Asay vs. Freeman: Behind the scenes in District 30 | Roegner

The race for position two in the state House matches incumbent Republican Katrina Asay against Democratic Federal Way City Councilman Roger Freeman.

King County legislative races: Will we see a blue wave?

Absentee ballots go out today and it marks the start of the crucial last three weeks of the election cycle.

Mayor Ferrell had good first year in office | Inside Politics

Jim Ferrell has brought much needed energy, activism and a sense of urgency to the mayor’s job.

What is downtown Federal Way’s future, and who’s leading? | Bob Roegner

The future of downtown Federal Way has suddenly moved from behind the scenes political chatter to the front page.

Federal Way Council’s challenge to fill vacant seat | Inside Politics

Jim Ferrell’s election as mayor created an opportunity for some aspiring politician as it created a council vacancy.

Local and state politics: What to look for in 2009

As we say goodbye or in some cases good riddance to 2008, we wonder what 2009 will bring.In the nation’s capital, the Democrats have the… Continue reading

Fall election lineup looks like a must-see | Bob Roegner

Up until now, the election focus has been on reducing the field of candidates through the primary process. Races for King County Executive, the Federal… Continue reading

Transparency at City Hall? You be the judge | Bob Roegner

This is the second of a two-part column suggesting that by not holding public meetings or confirmation hearings where the public could offer comment, the… Continue reading

Then and now: 5 years of politics in Federal Way | Bob Roegner

Five years doesn’t seem like a long time? Through the forbearance of three different publishers, one hearty editor, several patient Mirror staffers and, of course, you as readers, I have been writing this column for that long.