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Honda presents alternative to Ferrell | Inside Politics

Councilwoman Susan Honda responded to community speculation last week when she announced she will run for mayor against incumbent Jim Ferrell. Honda believes the city… Continue reading

Stand off on taxes and cops | Inside Politics

At the mayor-council retreat two weeks ago, there was a brief, but telling, exchange between Mayor Jim Ferrell and council member Dini Duclos over how… Continue reading

Could Honda or Jarvis challenge Ferrell? | Inside Politics

Incumbent Mayor Jim Ferrell recently announced he will run for re-election. Ferrell points to building the Performing Arts and Events Center, a downtown park, a… Continue reading

Education lead issue for legislature | Inside Politics

Last week I was in Olympia to watch democracy in action in what is likely to be a long, but important legislative session. Because it… Continue reading

Candidates for office in 2017 | Inside Politics

Three seats on the Federal Way City Council will be up for election this year, and they could be fun to watch! The majority of… Continue reading

Future mayors and the Celski appointment | Inside Politics

In my last column, I made a reference that several local residents might see themselves as a future mayor. Parallel to that, some residents were… Continue reading

Newsmakers of 2017 | Inside Politics

The year 2017 is a local election year where major community issues will be debated and the stage is set for transition to the next… Continue reading

Public Official Awards for 2016 | Inside Politics

Each year I try and note special awards for issues and leaders in the community. Categories change each year, and 2016 was a very special… Continue reading

Federal Way moratorium ploy goes horribly wrong | Inside Politics

The plan seemed simple enough; after all, Industrial Realty Group had opened the door. All Mayor Jim Ferrell and his staff had to do was… Continue reading

2016 political humor | Inside Politics

Every year politicians and community leaders make comments worth sharing, and 2016 was no exception. Since Federal Way Mirror Publisher Rudi Alcott is a mite… Continue reading

Finding the political will to end poverty | Inside Politics

This week we celebrate another Thanksgiving with turkey, potatoes, pumpkin pie and football on a high definition big screen television. We give thanks for our… Continue reading

Big Upset, Washington Normal | Inside Politics

A few weeks ago Donald Trump said “the election is rigged.” He also said, “the Electoral College is a disaster for democracy.” Hillary Clinton won… Continue reading

No forgery, but way too cozy | Inside Politics

Two separate complaints were recently filed against Federal Way Mayor Jim Ferrell’s Chief of Staff, Brian Wilson. The first was an allegation by former Planning… Continue reading

Legislative races in WA: The balance of power | Bob Roegner

Several candidates are already maneuvering for positions as the legislative races start getting under way.Half of the state Senate is up for re-election and all… Continue reading

2009 Legislature: Watch that political sausage

Welcome to the 2009 edition of Washington’s citizen government.If you’ve never been to Olympia when the Legislature is in session, you should go. It is… Continue reading

Guilty pleasures: Political drama from a Federal Way neighbor | Bob Roegner

The political stakes in Auburn just went up!Auburn City Council member and potential mayoral candidate Virginia Haugen was found “not guilty” of the charge of… Continue reading

State auditor race opens doors in Federal Way | Bob Roegner

Heads up political fans: another race in 2012 just got a lot more interesting and a lot more local. Recently, State Auditor Brian Sonntag announced that he will not run for re-election next year.

Political rumors and speculation for 2010 | Bob Roegner

What will the future bring? We don’t know for sure, but some things seem more likely than others, and of course, there’s always rumor and… Continue reading

Mayoral candidates: Federal Way’s early lineup | Bob Roegner

There continues to be speculations about who will run for mayor of Federal Way, so I consulted my expert panel of advisors. Listed below is… Continue reading

Who’s your top Federal Way candidate in 2013? | Roegner

The slow developing field of candidates for mayor and city council is now set. And there will be some good races in Federal Way.